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Kosovo's rich cultural heritage, it's customs, the ride through it's history, the traditional food, great landscape, it's young and vibrant population, and people's hospitality in general - will leave you with unforgettable memories from your journey. Experience this culturally rich country with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.
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Prishtina Tour

Pristina is a political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic center of Kosovo. It is very dynamic city, with bright and positive youth, with many cultural, arts, urban and sport events held in the town through the year.

Arts & Crafts Tour

Silver workers from Kosovo are among the most famous masters mentioned even in the Ottoman Empire resources of the 16th century. The art objects made with filigree technique (using silver, gold, copper, amber and valuable stones) are worth seeing from close.

Prizren Tour

Prizren, is a beautiful and one of the oldest towns in Kosovo, known for its ancient history, the rich cultural and religious heritage, traditional handicraft shops, variety of festivals, film, music, art and more.

Kosovo War Story

Mitrovica, is the town that was badly affected by the 1999 Kosovo War. The city is officially divided in Mitrovica South and North, separated by river Ibri (Ibar), becoming a symbol of Kosovo's ethnic divisions – but yet, an interesting place to visit and see.

Peja Tour

Peja, is well known for the surrounding Rugova Mountains, Rugova Gorge and waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, the old part of the city, orthodox heritage/monuments, great water and good beer.


UNESCO sites reflect the Byzantine-Romanesque ecclesiastical culture, with its distinct style of wall painting, which developed in the Balkans between the 13th and 17th centuries. In Kosovo there are four UNESCO protected sites with lots of stories and history.
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